About the Project

The Final Revolution project officially started in April 2000 as "Project Rose Signet", a name which has been since branched off to handle other matters. The basic idea behind it was simple: What would another cycle of duellists be like?

The project started off slowly, taking a long time to even solidify a draft of the first 'episode', only to have to throw it out following the departure of one of the staff members. However, the time allowed the staff to iron out many details of the Final Revolution / Shoujo Kakumei Utena universe that were left unanswered by the anime series or by questions brought up by the planning of the future plotlines.

Currently, the Final Revolution staff is comprised of seven members. The staff members' backgrounds and occupations are far-ranged, from university student to biochemist to system administrator. All of them, however, are interested in anime and have at one time or another been affiliated with the Triangle Area Anime Society, the anime club run in Raleigh, NC on the campus of North Carolina State University.

The staff hopes you have enjoyed the site and hope that you return in the future to read further as additional 'episode's are put online.

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