Since the first bara no kokuin were handed out by the Ends of the World, there have been duels. These rings mark their wearers as members of the exclusive group who alone possess the potential to bring revolution to the world and change it as they see fit. Yet only one person out of this group, the Victor, will have the right and power to bring about their revolution.

Among the duellists, there is a constant battle for supremacy. The person who is the final Victor will be the one to use the awesome power necessary to mold the world to fit one's visions. This battle is a very formal affair, occuring only in duels between the current Victor, to whom the Rose Bride is engaged, and the challenger.

This is a chronicle of the individual duels themselves, starting with the appearance if Izumi Meiro, the first challenger from outside the Ohtori Academy Student Council. Before this there were still duels, but they were unimportant besides marking Shin Konjin, the Vice-President of the Student Council, as the Victor.

(For the duels, lyrics to possible duel songs have been included as an homage to the anime series Shoujo Kakumei Utena, which chronicles, to some degree of accuracy, a previous Student Council of Ohtori Private Academy.)

--Eien Kiseki


* Duel #1: Izumi Meiro vs. Shin Konjin
* Duel #x: Hikari Makugire vs. Amano Sazaki
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